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Sept 2020: NATIONAL WINNER - BMO 1st! Art Competition

Winning National artwork, "It Matters" from a selection of nearly 400 nominees

June 2020: Yahoo!Life

These artists are creating powerful portraits of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor: 'Art is a tool for me to raise my voice'

Episode Ten
Simone Saunders and Tekikki Walker talk about friendship from across borders and recent events of the Black Lives Matter Movement

“Through the weaving and the fibres, you think of the language of weaving and the interconnectedness. There’s a direct connection to my ancestry and really building these tactile, colourful, vibrant textiles" - Saunders

Simone Saunders speaks to Doug Dirks about the pandemic, not being able to attend convocation for her Graduation from AUArts and on crossing borders with her artistic collaboration.

May 2020: GalleriesWest

"She just finished art school, but Calgary's Simone Saunders is getting international exposure for her politically charged textile art".

"Walker and Saunders named their series This Ain’t No Video Game, We Want Outta This Circus. The project includes four pieces, two from each artist. Together, the pieces form a conversation about navigating a history of enslavement, perpetual discrimination, race-based politics, and heightened racial tensions during COVID-19.

A collaboration reflecting on race and the pandemic between artists Tekikki Walker ad Simone Saunders has crossed borders


Featured Artist Alumni Talk via the Alberta University of the Arts.

If you want to learn about Simone's practice and process, watch!


"What're You At?" with Tom Power

CBC Canadian Television Show - Episode Ten Segment

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