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To affect long-term positive change in the Black community through fundraising and local organizing.
$100,000 goal to raise money for:
- Black Community Initiatives
- Black Culture and Arts
- Black Non-profits
- Equity Training
- Future Political Activism

This fund is to stand against injustice and empower our future. It needs financial support to make this happen. Show solidarity in the fight with a direct contribution:


 Simone Elizabeth Hand-Tufted Textiles

Vibrant Designs
one-of-a-kind, carefully hand-crafted


Simone Elizabeth Creations


Fibre Art 

Fibre art exploring different crafts and technologies: hand-woven, silkscreened, jacquard, digital and rug-hooking.

Visual Art

Hand drawn pieces of varied mediums: printmaking, coloured pencils, acrylic and collage.


Patterns designed for Fabrics and Wallpaper. Please get in touch to learn more about color schemes, alterations and / or custom designs.


Simone Saunders creates hand-tufted textiles.  
She is establishing her career as an artist in Calgary, Alberta.
Simone is a founding member of the first Afrocentric theatre company in Western Canada, The Ellipsis Tree Collective. Simone was the President of the Students’ Association at the Alberta University of the Arts 2018-19 school year. She was recognized by the Alberta Government in receiving the Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership in 2019. In 2020 she received many awards including the Alberta University of the Arts’ Board of Governors’ Graduating Student Award for Fibre, the Illingworth Kerr Gallery Award for Academic Achievement and the Surface Design Associations Outstanding Student Award. Recently Simone was featured in The Calgary Herald, CBC Arts, "What're You At?" with Tom Power, CBC Radio One, Booooooom, Galleries West and Instagram's weekly featured artist to 353million followers.


"Don't be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered."

Michelle Obama


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